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Thursday 21st May

Happy Thursday 3/4M


I hope you are all well and had a super Wednesday. I had a good day, I am almost finished with your reports. (What a long job they have been). I have also been doing some planning for next year. 


Jacob has been working hard too. He is enjoying playing on his new bike and pestering poor Barney. We went out for a nice walk yesterday afternoon which was a lovely way to relax after working hard. 


Please see below for today's work:



Today I have chosen a reading comprehension based on the famous nurse Florence Nightingale. The new hospitals that have been built during the COVID19 virus have been named after Florence. 


Please read the text and answer the questions. I will post the answers tomorrow, as there are further questions for this text which I will set tomorrow too. 

Florence Nightingale Comprehension



I thought that we could focus on spelling in our SPAG time today. I would like you to practise the spelling of homophones. 


Homophones are words that sound the same but are spelt differently for example:


see - I can see the bus is coming round the corner.


sea - I would love to swim in the blue sea. 


Use the activities on the sheet to practise your spellings.

Homophone Spellings



Log onto the White Rose site using the links below and watch the videos and then complete the worksheets. 


Year 3 - Lesson 4 - Count in tenths

Year 4 - Lesson 4 - Fractions grater than 1


Please make sure that you log into Times Table Rockstars for 30 minutes. 

It should be lunch time after all that hard work, so take a break. 


After lunch, I would like you to do some learning for life. It is important that we look after our mental health as much as our physical health and so I want us to spend some time today thinking about our thoughts and how they make us feel. We will look at positive and negative thoughts and how we can challenge the negative thoughts that we have. 


Read through the powerpoint and then complete the superhero activity. You may want to share this powerpoint with your adult. I have also included a positive thought sheet for you to have a look at. 

As out final activity today I thought it would be nice to do some singing.


I have attached a link to the Out of the Ark website and they have two featured songs this week that focus on well being. One is called, Brighter Day Tomorrow and the other A Little Bit of Kindness. Why not listen to these songs and try to learn the words and sing along.


You could even teach them to your family members. 


Enjoy the music. 

I hope that you enjoy today's activities. Please please send me some emails and photos I am feeling lonely this week as I have not received many!!


Thought of the day:





Have a great day. Do something kind for someone you love and see how good it makes you feel. 


Take care.


Love from 


Mrs Martin