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Thursday 22nd October

Good morning 2S and your parents,


I hope you are all well and keeping up with your work this week.


I was just thinking about our class reader: 'Billy and the Minpins' by Roald Dahl. You're now going to have to wait even longer to hear the ending!


Here are your tasks for today, starting with Phonics.



Which of the musical instruments would you prefer to play and why?


Which of the foods would you prefer to eat and why?


Which two words link to behaviours that you would never want to show?


 Draw the tens and ones in the answer boxes. Why is there a blank ones box?

This time, you need to write the column addition calculation, too.


Here's today's worksheet:


Can you add the tens on without the column calculations? Can you even subtract tens? The third column is really tricky if you get on to that!

Here's a puzzle to finish with:


Here are two more Victorian photographs with information for you to read. Practise reading the text fluently before you move onto answering the questions. These questions will make you use your inference skills again. There is not just one correct answer for these sort of questions.




If you were in school I would be able to show you a special information video about a Victorian gentleman called Samuel Wilderspin. Unfortunately this video can only be played in school. (I will show it to you on our rearranged Inspiration Day on Tuesday 3rd November.)


Please read this information about him and answer the questions.


As you will have learnt from this, Samuel Wilderspin and his wife were not as harsh and strict as other teachers in Victorian times.

There is a museum about Samuel Wilderspin and this video shows a group of children visiting the museum, pretending to be pupils in 1846.


Wilderspin National School "Mr Wilderspin's Infant System - Barton 1846"

Film showing a typical Infant System school day. Filmed at Wilderspin National School Museum in Barton upon Humber UK.

Well done, everyone - just one more day of home learning to do before the half-term holidays!


See you tomorrow,


Mrs Stansfield