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Thursday 23rd April

Hi 3/4M


I hope you are all well and had another great day yesterday. I had a busy day contacting many of you, sending emails and speaking to parents and children. It was lovely to hear your voices and speak to some of you. 


I have received some of your Stop Motion Animation movies and they are AMAZING. I am astounded by the quality of the work and the time and effort some people have put in. If you haven't done yours yet don't worry. You can always record it and send it to me when you have chance. 


I am working in school today with the children of the Key Workers. Miss Sykes and I are going to record the Good Morning video for Facebook today, so have a look out for us. 


As you are spending lots of time at home at the moment, I have attached a special booklet today that talks about staying safe and preventing accidents. Show this to your grown ups and it could help you to keep safe and well. 


Here is the work for today:



I have attached a reading comprehension called, The Man who Bought a Mountain. Please have a go at the 2 star version. (pages  7-10)The answers are provided for you to mark afterwards (pages 11-12)



Please use the link to go the the BBC Bitesize website and watch the video entitled, Writing Expanded Noun Phrases. 

After this, please complete the attached worksheet - Writing Expanded Noun Phrases. 



As usual we are accessing White Rose Maths

Year 3 - Lesson 4

Year 4 - Lesson 4


Enjoy a break for lunch to relax and rest your brain. 


After lunch, I have attached the 4th activity linked to the stop animation. You need to plan an adventure story based on your movie. I have provided you with a copy of a plan to help you. You will write these stories tomorrow. 


Finally, I would like you to do something active today. You may choose Joe Wicks or you may prefer to do something else. Go noodle has lots of videos and the PE website I gave you on Tuesday provides lots of ideas. You may even just want to run around in your garden. Just make sure you keep moving.


I look forward to speaking to you again tomorrow. 


Take Care and Stay Safe.




Mrs Martin

Staying Safe at Home Booklet