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Thursday 23rd April 2020

Good morning 2S,

I've been thinking about you lots and wondering how you got on with your rockets yesterday. Don't worry if you haven't finished them yet, but when you do, I would absolutely LOVE to see some photographs. Ask your parents to email them to me. My email address is:


Have you done your Joe Wicks workout this morning? 

Maybe you could try yoga, Supermovers or some of the gymnastics ideas in the 'Other activities' link.


Well, let's see what work I've got in store for you today...



When we looked at this week's list of spellings, we found out that they were all nouns. Write out each of these sentences and add an adjective to describe each of nouns?


The ________  photograph of the peacock showed every detail of its feathers so clearly.


My ________ nephew loves to play tricks on everybody.


My football team was presented with a ________ trophy when we won the competition.


How wonderful it was to see the _______ dolphin rise from the sea and jump into the air!


Not surprisingly, _________ elephants need to eat a great deal of food each day.


Choose one more of this week's spellings to write your own super sentence.



Here are my ideas for what the missing adjectives could be but don't look at them until you have done your own:


Watch and sing along to the Moon Song:


then answer the questions below:

If you have a printer, you can print out the sheet from here:


As always, start with the Flashbacks page (Maths folder Week 3 Day 4).


Can you remember how many minutes in an hour?

So how many minutes in half an hour?


When it is half past, it is 30 minutes after the hour so it may be 5:30, 9:30 or 12:30 etc.


These clocks also show that quarter past is 15 minutes after the hour and quarter to is 45 minutes after the hour:


Match up these analogue and digital times:

This game can be printed out to play a matching game with analogue and digital times.


For your reading work today, I'd like you to read all of this information about Neil Armstrong. There are also some animations to watch and a quick quiz to finish with.

Use the information in the animation to complete this task:

The sheet can be printed out here:

You can also make notes of anything else that you have learnt from the animation. 

I said that I would attach the Ramadan booklet each day so here it is: