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Thursday 23rd April 2020

Good Morning Class 1/2A and Parents. smiley


I hope you are all well and did you manage to enjoy sometime in the sunshine. How did you get on with your work yesterday? I am so excited to see some of amazing rockets. Please don’t worry if you haven’t finished them. You can finish them off today.

Thank you to all the parents who have emailed back and shared some wonderful work that some of you are doing at home. I am so proud of you all. I was able to talk to some children yesterday on the phone and I was so pleased to hear their voices.


I am aware that some parents had problems logging on to this website.  Please can you sign up with this website it is free if you are unable to log on with the given information.


Today’s activities:

This is the link if you would like to start your day with Joe Wicks PE:


Phonics: Log onto the website:

Username: March20 

Password: home


Let’s play the flash cards time challenge game: Practice all graphemes. click


Then Practice tricky words trucks click on phase 5 high frequency words.




Mrs Ahmad’s phonics group then play the past tense penguin game from phase 6.


Then complete this phonics activity:



Mrs Green’s phonics group play practice playing flash cards time challenge from phase 4.  Now practice tricky words truck game and click on phase 4 words


Then play click on phase 4



Break Time:

Let’s do a mindfulness activity to relax our minds and bodies.



Mental and Oral starter: Practice missing number addition click



Continue with week 2 lesson 4 Flashback Adding equal groups


Then complete Summer Week 1 and complete lesson 4 flashback. Find a half.

Break time:

I think time to get busy so come on lets get moving:




Watch and sing along to the Moon Song:


Answer the following questions: 


I'm sure you are ready for some lunch now!


Guided Reading

Here are the answers to yesterday's Guided Reading Questions:


People that go into space are called astronauts.


moon buggy is used to drive in space.


How do astronauts get into space?







For your reading work today, I'd like you to read all of this information about Neil Armstrong. There are also some animations to watch and a quick quiz to finish with.



Watch this super animation about The Solar System:


Use the information in the animation to complete this task:



Use the information in the animation to complete this task:


Would you like to access another activity linked to Ramadan? Here is the activity booklet again:


Story Time:

I have found another website for you to choose a story from.


I hope you all have a good day and remember always try your best and keep that growth mindset.


Bye for now and see you tomorrow.


Mrs Ahmadwink