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Thursday 23rd April 2020

Good morning 5/6AA.  It was a lovely, sunny day yesterday.  I hope you managed to get outside and enjoy the sunshine for a while.  Let's hope today will be as nice.  Here are your tasks for today:


go to - home learning-year 5 - summer term week 1 - lesson 4 (adding decimals crossing the whole).  First watch the video, then complete the worksheet by clicking on get the activity.  When you have completed your work you can check your answers.


Please read the Welsh Green newspaper article and then answer the questions.  While you are reading it, think about the features that you will use in the newspaper article that you are writing.



Yesterday you wrote the introduction for your newspaper report.  Today I would like you to plan your second paragraph.  In your introduction should have briefly explained who, what, where and when.  In your second paragraph you will explain in more detail what happened.  I have highlighted the second paragraph in the Welsh Green newspaper article that you used in your reading task.  Have a look at it so that you know what sort of information to include in your second paragraph.  Before you start planning your second paragraph there are two tasks to do that will help you.  Click on the files below to get these tasks.

Mrs Walker's group A


Please click on the files below to get your work for today.

Mrs Walker's group B


Please click on the file below to get your work for today.

Mrs Walker's A and B groups

Reading and Writing

This is your task for reading and writing today because there are a lot of questions.  Read the newspaper report and then answer the questions.  You can check your work when you have finished because the answers are on pages 8 to 11 (but don't cheat and look at the answers first!).

Whole class

Afternoon work

Do you remember our last topic was Frozen Kingdom?  In that topic we learnt about the North and South Poles (the Arctic Circle and Antarctica).  In one lesson we talked about how during the summer in the Arctic circle it is light for 24 hours a day and during the winter it is dark all day and night.  Think about what it mist be like for Muslims living in the Arctic circle during Ramadan.  Watch this video and then answer the following questions:

  • Why is it difficult living in countries in the Arctic Circle during Ramadan?
  • What do Muslim families do in these countries when they can't fast for 24 hours? 


In the file below you will find lots of activities.  Have fun!