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Thursday 23rd April

Morning all, really missing you (even the girls!)


i'm late writing this today due to the fact that I've had to take a trip to A and E. I opened a cupboard, a glass fell out, and sliced open my hand. I've had to have it all glued back together. Not nice!

Yesterday we went out for a really long walk in the sun. It was lovely, and I'm hoping we can do more of these whilst we're off.


Lauren is in work today, looking after the children of key workers in her school. That means today is just me and Seth. Below is the sort of thing we get up to when mummy isn't there.

Keep sending me your pictures and videos. It makes my day so much better.

Still image for this video

For maths today I'd like you to focus on the white rose home learning. It's continuing our work on angles. If you haven't done the lessons from before the holidays - you MUST go back and watch the videos. Watch the video for Summer Term week 1 Lesson 4, then do the worksheets and check the answers. This is on missing angles.


Here are the answers for yesterday's test:

For Guided Reading, I am giving you another First News this one is about swimming with Whales and Sharks. There are answers on the last few pages so don't turn to them until you have answered all the questions. Again use this as another WAGOLL for your own newspaper writing.

Today I would like to use your plan and start writing your newspaper report. To help you I am attaching a template which you can use or save to write it up at the end of the week. BBC Bitesize Daily lessons have got a lesson on newspaper articles today so if you want to look for some extra tips or inspiration click on the link below. Also, I have top ten tips from the editor or the First News who writes the newspapers we have in school, so she is definitely someone you need to take advice from when writing your amazing articles.

For the afternoon I'd like you to click on this link and go over to the 5G page. There are lots of resources about Ramadan that I'd like you to go through. This is a really important time of the year - and I look forwards to seeing some pictures of the work you complete.


As always, please know I'm missing you. Can't wait to see you all! - if your parents haven't been in touch yet, please ask them to email me and make sure everything is ok.


Feel free to email me things you've been doing - I love to see them and it's nice to hear from you guys. Meru emailed me yesterday and spelled allowed as aloud. I was laughing 'aloud' after this!