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Thursday 23rd April


Hello Fixby Family, 


How did you get on yesterday? Isn't the sunshine lovely?!



What did we do yesterday?


Miss Day: I did lots more school work yesterday. Mrs Allen has given us lots of jobs to do and it is keeping us busy. In the morning we made Nora a paddling pool of water and she climbed in with all her clothes and nappy on! Oops! 
Then in the afternoon I put up some pictures in our house. One says, 'Smile'. It is a nice reminder at the minute because I have lots of things that make me smile. Like your pictures and emails! We love them! 

Tomorrow is FRIDAY!! My favourite day of the week! If you have any cardboard tubes, save them for tomorrow so you can make 'number-oculars' and come on a number hunt with me. 


I've popped the Hello song in below because... well.. I LOVE IT!!


Miss Day :) 


Hello Song for Kids | Greeting Song for Kids | The Singing Walrus

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Technology Thursday-silly selfies

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