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Thursday 23rd April

Morning 5G


The more curious among you will have seen I added some more pictures of your friends from class yesterday to our Photo Gallery. Keep the pictures coming in they are making me smile. I also got some lovely emails yesterday from most of your growns up or the really special ones were from some of you. I loved hearing from you, so thank you - I got a little bit teary in my eye. (or maybe a lot - you know what a softy I am).


Right, today's task will start with Maths as always, we are going to have a look at the next lesson for Decimals. Click on the link, watch the video, do the worksheet and don't forget to check your answers (you get to be student and teacher).

Summer Term – Week 1 (w/c 20 April) - Lesson 4 - Adding decimals - crossing the whole.

For a bit of revision, there is also a ten minute maths sheet on topics we did earlier in the year.


For Guided Reading, I am giving you another First News this one is about swimming with Whales and Sharks. There are answers on the last few pages so don't turn to them until you have answered all the questions. Again use this as another WAGOLL for your own newspaper writing.

Today I would like to use your plan and start writing your newspaper report. To help you I am attaching a template which you can use or save to write it up at the end of the week. BBC Bitesize Daily lessons have got a lesson on newspaper articles today so if you want to look for some extra tips or inspiration click on the link below. Also, I have top ten tips from the editor or the First News who writes the newspapers we have in school, so she is definitely someone you need to take advice from when writing your amazing articles.

So for your afternoon task, I would like to think about Topic. You can do one of the activities off the grid which you took home (there is a copy in the topic folder). But I have also found out from this Newsround article, that David Attenborough is going to be getting involved in some online learning. So if you go to the daily learning on BBC Bitesize click here

there are lots of lessons which you can access. Some are Science, Geography and History. So have a look and see what is of most interest to you.


Finally, it was World Earth Day yesterday so I thought we could find something fun to do linked to this. I have a French lesson that is linked to Our Planet, follow the link here and practice some new words , you could find out more about World Earth Day from their website and you could produce a piece of World Earth Day art - see the pictures below for some inspiration.


Have fun and I will speak to you again tomorrow. Don't forget you can email me to let me know what you have been getting up to


Stay safe.

Mrs Garside