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Thursday 25th June

Good morning


I hope you enjoyed the new topic yesterday. We are so excited about all the great lessons we have planned for you. I hope you got to read a bit more of the 'Children of Winter' and agree with me that it is a great book.



More reflection and co-ordinates today. Don't forget you can use the BBC Bitesize links from yesterday to help you.


Mrs Walker's group A

We are continuing with place value again today.  Complete the worksheet below and check your answers when you have finished.

Mrs Walker's group B

In maths today you will multiply 3 digit numbers by 2 digit numbers.  Click here to watch a video to remind you how to do this and then complete the worksheet below.

Guided Reading.

Today is our final guided reading of the week on 'Children of Winter'. We are focusing on a smaller extract and you have a variety of questions types.

Mrs Walker's A and B groups

Read Garden Birds and answer the questions.



Today we are looking at Catherine's character and the kind of person you think she is. We have done the role on the wall lots of times in class, have a go at home. Follow the instructions from the pdf and re-read Chapter one, two and three to help you.

Mrs Walker's A and B groups

Conjunctions are words that are used to connect clauses or sentences.  You need to choose which conjunctions to use to complete the sentences.


Finally, we are looking at the origins and spread of the plague. It was prevalent between 1300 to the 1700, although there are still small outbreaks in parts of the world today, Inoculations and treatments have meant it is no longer a serious threat still. I wonder if you will find any similarities and differences with what is happening now.

Have fun and I'll speak to you tomorrow.


Mrs Garside