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Thursday 25th June

Welcome to Thursday Year 4,


Wow! What a fantastic day it was yesterday. It was soooo sunny and warm that I felt like I was on my holidays even though I was working!! I hope that you got chance to enjoy the sunshine too and spend some of your time outdoors. Although don't forget the sun screen. Poor Miss North got rather burnt yesterday as she was working outside with the key workers. She forgot to put on her sun screen and was quite pink when she came back inside. Make sure you are wearing your cream today. 


I hope that the weather lasts over the weekend so that I can spend some time in my garden.


Have a great day. 


Love from Mrs Martin


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Today's reading activity is based around part of a story called The Old Railway. Read through the text and then answer the questions.


SPaG/ Writing


Today we will be using our alliteration work from yesterday to create a poem. 

You are going to write your own tongue twister using alliteration.

First, choose a letter. This should be a consonant (any letter except a, e, i, o, u).

Now write down as many words as you can that start with that letter. The more similar sounding the better.

For example: B = Barry, berry, banana, butter, bitter, brave, broom, battery, buttery, beagle, bagel…



Write your own tongue twister using the words from your list.

Remember: You can still use some words that don’t start with the same letter so that your sentences make sense.

Make your tongue twister four lines long.


For example:

Barry bought a berry bagel
Before buttering his brilliant banana bread.
But Betty brought a better berry bagel
So Barry bit Betty’s bagel instead.


Top tip!

You can use the same words more than once.


Challenge yourself

  • How quickly can you say your poem without making a mistake?
  • Can any of your family say it faster? Have a competition!




Today's history is all about Prehistoric Britain, exploring the first humans.

This lesson includes:

  • two videos.

  • two activities to build knowledge of prehistoric Britain


Click the link below to enter the activity on BBC Bitesize.