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Thursday 25th June

Morning all.


I'm excited to read some of your 24 word stories, so please email them to me!


The good weather has me in a great mood - I do think England is a far more beautiful place when the sun is out. 


I'm really excited to be having some of you back on Monday and you'll be elated to know that you are with myself and Mrs Garside - you lucky, lucky people.


Have a great day - enjoy the weather.


Miss you as always!

For maths today you are going to look at finding the volume of cubes and cuboids.

This is very similar to area, but instead of looking at 2d shapes, we are looking at 3.

Watch the video and then complete the sheets.

For reading you are going to focus on chapter 10 of The Boy in the Striped. In order to understand this, you need to have a deeper understanding of what Auschwitz was. 

Therefore I'd like you to read this story from a Jew who survived the ordeal.

When you've read it, answer the questions which are at the bottom.

For English you are going to have a focus on a Shakespeare classic: Romeo and Juliet. 


We've studied Macbeth before, which is my all time favourite Shakespeare play, but this is definitely a close second.



Mrs Walker's group A


We are continuing with place value again today.  Complete the worksheet below and check your answers when you have finished.

Mrs Walker's group B


In maths today you will multiply 3 digit numbers by 2 digit numbers.  Click here to watch a video to remind you how to do this and then complete the worksheet below.

Mrs Walker's A and B groups


Read Garden Birds and answer the questions.


Conjunctions are words that are used to connect clauses or sentences.  You need to choose which conjunction to use to complete the sentences.

Finally, we are looking at the origins and spread of the plague. It was prevalent between 1300 to the 1700, although there are still small outbreaks in parts of the world today, Inoculations and treatments have meant it is no longer a serious threat still. I wonder if you will find any similarities and differences with what is happening now.

Have fun and I'll speak to you tomorrow.