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Thursday 26th March 2020

Good morning everyone!


Yesterday, the weather was so lovely I sat in the garden whilst doing my work for the day. A family member of mine who has a takeaway decided to close it on Tuesday evening, so gave us lots of flour, cheese and tomato puree that they had left over. I decided to make pizzas from scratch. ​​​​​​

I have been doing lots of cooking to keep myself busy. Chicken biryani is next on my list!

hope you all have had a great day and managed to spend some time in the sunshine!


Lots of love,  

Miss Anwar x


As always, try to do the Joe Wickes PE Lesson there are lots of videos on youtube for other workouts you can do if you want to switch it up. 



Please watch the video tutorial. Answer the questions on the worksheet (you can either print them off or answer the questions in the yellow exercise book I gave you). Mark the answers. This lesson focuses on tenths on a numberline. I know we find these tricky so just try your best with it. 


Have you all been practicing telling the time? If so, have a go at these time problems. 



Here are your new spellings for the week


Ignore the date on top of the page. The next test will be in a week's time (1st April 2020)



Please do another 30 minute session of quiet reading. I will check on Friday to see if anyone has done an accelerated reader quiz. Remember, if you have your own books at home, you can try to do a quiz on those too!



Thursday is usually our day to do outdoor PE - try getting outdoors and doing some exercise. We did circuits in our last PE block and you don't need a lot of equipment for that - we did hopscotch, skipping, running, hurdles, speed jumping, dribbling on rotation (each set was for 5 minutes). I know it is a difficult time and it is easy to feel cooped up in your house. Try do what you can to stay active. 



Can you do a little more work on your toy? Mrs Buttery keeps checking them and she's impressed with your work so far. 


Stay strong and keep smiling!


Speak to you tomorrow.