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Thursday 26th March 2020

Good morning again!

I don't know about you but I can't believe it is still only Thursday. It must be because we have been working so hard!

Have you managed to keep up with Joe Wicks's workouts every morning? I have. My favourite part yesterday was Spiderman spinning his webs (though Georgia decided to do all of the stunt tricks, leaving me with very little room!)

I hope you managed to create a rainbow, too.

Below are today's tasks. There are a few different activities for you to do today, so enjoy!

Remember to read and also listen to stories as well.

See you tomorrow.

Mrs Stansfield



How many of this week's comparative adjective spellings can you remember? Clue: They all end in -ier. 

You can check on your Homework sheet and if you haven't already then please do the spelling/handwriting practice. (It's saved in the English folder, too.)



I thought it would be lovely to work on writing a letter to an elderly relative that you can't visit. Do the draft today and then you can edit it with a parent and write out your neat copy tomorrow before you post it.

Here's my WAGOLL (What a Good One Looks Like):


                                                                                         10 The Close

                                                                                          Well Green


                                                                                          HX9 8AS


                                                                                          Thursday 26th March 2020


Dear Great Auntie Carole and Great Uncle David,

How are you? I thought I would write you this letter because we can't meet up like we usually do. I hope you are well and that you are staying at home where you are safe from the coronavirus.

What are you doing to fill your time? I know how busy you usually are so it must seem very strange. I am being kept busy planning work for my class and putting it on the school website. I have lots of other jobs to do for work, too. Georgia and Lilia are keeping busy with their school work and I am helping them. Yesterday Lilia had some tricky Maths to do but we also found time to make a rainbow to put in our window. Have you seen any of these rainbows? We are also trying to stay fit, starting each day with the Joe Wicks workout and going out for one family walk near home. I hope you're getting your exercise too.

We really are missing you but we know that it's important right now for all of us to stay at home and stay safe. Would you like to talk to us on Facetime?

Stay safe and stay well.

Lots of love from



1) Your address goes at the right hand side of the page.

2) Under this, write today's date.

3) Starting at the left hand side, start your letter with Dear...,

4) Paragraph 1: Ask how your relatives are and explain why you decided to write to them.

5) Paragraph 2: Share your news about what you have been doing.

6) Paragraph 3: Tell them that you are missing them.

7) Sign off your letter.



Start as we have done every day with a page from the Flashbacks (saved in the Maths folder). You should be on Week 1 day 4 today.


I hope you managed to do your pictograms yesterday. What did you choose to count?


Today, I'd like you to do some column addition and column subtraction practice, but watch out because they are all mixed up!


47 + 38 =

29 + 64 =

78 - 35 =

62 - 49 =

59 + 36 =

85 - 38 =

61 - 46 =

72 + 43 =

73 - 54 =

68 + 35 =


Now please do the Mental Arithmetic Test 2b that is in your home learning pack. It's also saved in the Maths folder. You've already done a few of these and your scores were really improving so good luck today! Take care.


And now a page of problems to end with:




This course will enable you to create computer programs that will help you learn to collaborate with others, develop problem-solving skills, and persist through difficult tasks. By the end of this course, you will be able to create your very own custom game or story that you can share with others! 


I would like you to complete 2 levels today- 'Happy Maps' and 'Move It, Move it'.


1) Click on this link:

2) Click 'Unplugged Activity' on the section 1) Happy Maps.

3) Click play to watch the video.

4) Click 'Finished! Continue to next section'.

5) It will then take you to a multiple choice question.

6) It will then take you to lesson 2) Move it, Move it.

7) Click play to watch the video.

8) Click 'Finished! Continue to next section'.

9) It will then take you to a multiple choice question.

10) Don't go onto lesson 3! This will be for our next Computing session.



Have fun!


Now you can do some extra work on whichever Topic activity that you chose to start yesterday (or start a new one if you finished it.) Remember that it's saved in the Topic folder as well as being in your home learning pack.


I think my favourite would be to 

make animal puppets and write a little play

but the choice is yours!