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Thursday 26th March 2020

Jacob playing football in the garden

Hi 3/4M

(I am writing this on Wednesday evening)


Today has been the strangest day for me. I think it has finally sunk in that I won't be seeing you guys for a while and that our days will be based around this message. I miss you all and keep wondering what you are doing and if you are ok.

I have had a busy day again. We started with Joe Wicks, despite the pain from yesterday. I do feel slightly less achy now and hope to be super fit when I see you all again at school.  I spent the morning preparing spellings for the summer term, which I will post onto our daily work page. I hope I have not made any errors on my missing words sheets!! I am sure you will spot them if I have. After a spot of lunch, I completed some more of the spellings and then we went out for our daily walk in the countryside. We made sure that we remained 2 metres away from anyone that we met on the way. 

When we returned home, I worked with Jacob on some maths and reading. We then played TT Rockstars and even Harry joined in  (he used my log in so I hope he was good!!)


Tonight, we are going to watch a movie together and enjoy some family time. 


Anyway, here is your work for Thursday 26th March.



White rose Maths:

Year 3  - lesson 4 - Count in tenths

Year 4 - Lesson 3 - Tenths on a place value grid

As per previous days,  you need to watch the video, complete the worksheet and then check the answers. Both year groups can try both if they want to. 

I would also like you to access the timestable games for your year group on classroom secrets (use your log in) You can also log into TT rockstars and practise on there. 



I would like you to log onto classroom secrets and Year 3 need to click on reading and try the Easter Reading comprehension. Year 4, click on reading and try the Heavenly Hot Cross Buns comprehension. (Again if you wish to do, both feel free.)

Can you also spend 30 minutes reading your AR book and completing a quiz if required. 

David Walliams is reading a selection of his stories at 11am.

Log into



I have uploaded this weeks spellings for you to practise at home and you need to ask an adult to test you on these on Monday next week. 


For SPAG today. Log into your account on Classroom Secrets.  Can Year 3 please log complete Prepositional phrases and Year 4 complete Direct Speech or indirect speech. (Again you can do both if you wish)


Have a healthy lunch and spend some time with your family relaxing. 


In the afternoon, I would like you to choose one of the activities from the science grid. I would also recommend watching The Blue Planet, presented by David Attenborough. Jacob really likes watching this and we are going to enjoy revisiting these as a family.



Can you do a little more work on your toy? Mrs Buttery keeps checking them and she's impressed with your work so far. 


Make sure you look after yourselves and your loved ones and spend some quality time together. Play a board game, play in the garden, make a den, read a book, but most of all be together. 


Quote of the day:

Stand tall and be proud

Be yourself

You are amazing


Love you all


Mrs Martin