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Thursday 26th March 2020



I am writing this on Wednesday evening, George is in bed and I'm wondering what you have all been doing with your days so far. I posted a 'Good Morning Fixby' on the Facebook page this morning. Did you see me? Ask your parents to let me know if you did!


Hasn't the weather been beautiful? George and I have spent most of today outside. Mr Buttery even stopped working for long enough for us all to have lunch together in the garden. 


I hope that you are all well and taking time to relax alongside working hard on the tasks that we set for you. 


If you are in my Maths group, I'd like you to complete this task on Classroom Secrets Kids


Then play


Finally for today, have a go at Lesson 3 of Watch the video then answer the questions. 


Don't forget, you can also access and log on with your Times Table Rockstars username and password. As you play, the levels should get more and more difficult.



My Phonics group need to start by playing


Then can you read to someone who is older than you?


If you want to play more games, log onto The username is march20 and the password is home. Make sure you are practising all Phase 3 sounds and tricky words each time you play. 

Don't forget to check Miss North's group to see what she wants you to do in the afternoon. 



Stay safe,


Mrs Buttery