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Thursday 26th March

Prepare yourselves - today's entry is a long one!


A lot of my intro part is written below as a WAGOLL diary entry. Before doing any work, I went through the register of our class, and tried to remember all of your names, in order, without looking. Lauren only had to prompt me twice. I like doing this, as it means that I think of every single one of you, every day. The great weather has put me in a really positive mood, and I've been thinking just how proud I am of all the progress you have made this year. We may never get to know exact figures with SATs etc, but you really have done amazingly: this is because you care about your futures. This is why I know it's worth me going to this effort to set your work - I know you will be trying your absolute best. Always know, even when you are feeling down, your teacher thinks the world of you!


Here goes: 


Start your day as normal and get your fitness on with Joe Wicks!


Maths: Today we're going to do some problem solving. I want you to do all 3 'problem of the days, and the two sets of flashback 4. This can be printed, or done just in your exercise book. When you've completed the flashback 4, mark from the answer sheet. Any you got wrong, you should correct, showing full working. 



Reading: Spend at least a part of your day reading your book - maybe this afternoon, or before bed. Remember, when you finish a book, you should complete an Accelerated Reader test - your log in details are on the letter we gave in your packs.

Your 2nd activity is one you should really enjoy. I'd like you to look at the image below this part. It's about the book Wonder - I'm sure many of you have seen the film. The author is reading part of it each day. you don't need a twitter account to access it and I promise you, it is an amazing story. 

I'd like you to scroll down and watch the opening to it which was filmed on Wednesday. Then the new one, starting from 12 o'clock, starts from page 24. I'd like you to make a big effort to watch both of these.



Enjoy a healthy lunch and some exercise - my routine will include 20 press ups, 20 sit ups, 20 burpees, 50 star jumps and a minutes plank. All whilst listening to Hungover You and Pin the Grenade. Talking of music, I know you will all be missing my taste of music, and what I make you listen to in class, so I'm going to introduce Song of the Day from now. Today's offering: this is by a band I love called Feeder. 



Writing - this only needs to be 15/20 minutes, but it is something we are going to do every day. I'd like you to write a diary entry of what you get up to each day. It should include new things you have tried. Feelings/emotions about the situation we find ourselves in. Moments of sadness; moments of humour. Your opinion on what is happening. 


Here is a brief example:

Dear Diary, 

                 today has been a far more positive day. 

Myself and Lauren got up early and decided that we would use our daily exercise on a walk with Seth. We walked through some beautiful countryside that I had never previously known existed; it is in the valley between Birkby and Halifax Road. When she suggested this route, I was delighted, as I know lots of Fixby School Children live in Birkby, and I thought I may see some of them, also doing their exercise, and I may get to say hello - unfortunately this wasn't the case. 

 It did create a question in my head: why, when it's only been 5 days, do I miss my class so much? When it is the holidays, I never miss them this much, so why now? I believe the answer is because there is nothing I can do about it. I truly hope it won't be long before we can all be playing a game of Capture the Flag together on the field, and do all the fun things that come with the last term of being in year 6. 

Anyway, that's me done for the day. Thanks for listening diary - see you tomorrow!

Mr R-H.



When you've written your diary entry (and checked all the basic punctuation - twice for a lot of you!) I'd like you to have the rest of the afternoon to do what you want. Try to include family members, and do something fun - a board game etc.


If you want to do some computing, access Code for Life levels 19-28. This time you are working on loops and repetition.


I intend to get out into the garden this afternoon and play with Seth. I've also created a goal out of some planks of wood we had in the garden - I wonder if Seth will make a good goalkeeper? 


In my periods of down time and boredom, I have started thinking of new nicknames for you all - I look forwards to being able to share them. One of you will be known as Meru, I wonder who it will be?


Mr R-H

P.S. Tomorrow is Friday, and Friday is video day. I will post a video instead of writing my intro section. I may even have a shave for this, so consider yourselves very lucky!