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Thursday 26th March

I know you have missed these every morning 5G.

Welcome back,


Hope you are still managing to enjoy a bit of sunshine in the garden whilst the weather is nice. I did a bit of gardening and got my children to help me yesterday. I'm definitely missing our 2pm run around the track, so I like to go out in the garden for a bit of fresh air and exercise.


I'm going to start with a small moan (you don't miss out on them just because you are not seeing me everyday). So far only three of you have used Accelerated Reader for quizzing and only six of you have been practicing your times tables on TT Rockstars. So come on and keep reading and quizzing and practicing those times tables.


Now today's Maths tasks, I have a code cracker using all those multiplication and division skills we learnt at the beginning of the year. The answers are on the second page so no peeking until you have finished.


Today's reading task is a text called Crime Solvers, a nice fiction text with nine questions. Also, for English can you look at Classroom Secrets KIDS -for a bit of Spag revision.


Next, on a Thursday afternoon you would normally have a bit of French. So I have found a whole set of French lessons on BBC Bitesize (we use this a lot at school and it covers all areas of the curriculum, so if you need any help in any subject it is a good place to look). I thought today you could have a look at the four class clips on numbers - I know you have already done some numbers but its good to keep them fresh in your minds.


If you want to do some computing, access Code for Life levels 19-28. This time you are working on loops and repetition.


Our final task is a fun one, I have attached a Scavenger Hunt below. One is for inside the house and one for in the garden, do which ever you prefer and see what you can find. Make sure you follow the final instruction and put it all back so you are not making a mess at home. 


Missing you all so much.

Mrs Garside