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Thursday 26th March

Good Morning Everyone! 


Happy Thursday! Let's give a 'Seal of Approval' to Thursday!



How are you all? We're nearly half way through the week! Closer and closer to adventure Friday! Hooray! Today you have a special treat! Miss Smith has made you a video! Yay! 

She has made you a video all about Rainbows... can you have a go at making your own rainbow? You could post it to the school facebook page. Don't forget to choose which story you would like at the end of her video :)


GROWN UPS: Thank you, THANK YOU for the emails and photos. It makes us smile everytime something pops into the inbox. On today's daily video we're sharing some of the children's work but remember we can't say names so we've used clue's instead. 


RECEPTION: Did you try making a rainbow yet like Miss Smith showed us? Can you send us a sentence about your rainbow? Keep those writing skills sharp!


What have we been up to? 

Miss Day: We did Joe Wicks again this morning but got a bit tired. I tried to keep everyone going but we felt a bit sad and tired this morning.

Reception, we do lots of talking about feelings and today I felt a bit sad. I miss all of our class and my friends at work too. I miss doing lovely things like going to the library and going swimming. And, I think that's ok. It's ok to feel all kinds of emotions. I'm going to try and write down all the things I miss so we can do them when this is all beginning to be over. 


This afternoon we went out for our one walk into the hills near where we live AGAIN. I know, I say this every day but walking makes me happy and it was beautiful. Baby Nora was waving at everyone and it made me smile. Look...



Baby Nora waves...

Still image for this video

Mrs Atkinson: it has been such a lovely day today so we have spent so much time in the garden. We enjoyed drawing on the floor with chalk. 

We were inspired by some of the baking photos we got so I did some baking with a Iris. Here is what we made...


Have a go at your daily work in the Maths and Phonics folders. 


We miss you all. Keep Learning!


Miss Day, Mrs Atkinson, Miss Newburn, Miss Smith and the EYFS Team x