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Thursday 2nd April

Happy Thursday members of the greatest teacher in England's class - you lucky, lucky people. 


I'm writing this on Wednesday afternoon. Seth is sat next to me watching The Gruffalo as I'm typing this. It's on BBC iplayer, and is a great watch if you have younger siblings. 


I rang up the travel agents today, as me and Lauren obviously can't go on our honeymoon. We were due to fly out on Monday, but this has obviously been cancelled. So many people are in the same situation as us, so getting through and speaking to somebody is nearly impossible. We're really disappointed that this has happened, as we were really excited, but there are more important things in life. We will definitely book again in the future and it will be something to look forwards to.


I re-read all of your emails again today - Lauren thought this made me weird, but it made it seem more like I'd spoken to you, and made us all still feel like we were a class. 

Keep sending emails - they make my day better!

Have a great day 6R-H - enjoy your work. 

For Maths today, can you go to week 2 of the home learning on white rose? Watch the video as many times as you need, and then do the activity sheet - check your answers at the end. If you've got any wrong, you will need to do corrections, showing full working out.


It's Lesson 4 - Step 2 - Introduce angles


Then complete these problem solving activities - choose either Expected or GD, then check your answers. 

Reading - I really want you to read for pleasure today. I'd like you to really settle into one of your books. You should read for a minimum of 45 minutes. 

When this is done, I'd like you to complete this task from your reading activities:

Write a blurb for the book. Don’t forget it needs to hook the reader.


Writing - complete your next diary entry. In this entry I'd like you to make predictions of what you think your teachers will doing to get through the quarantine. This should be written in using humour. Nicknames etc will add to this.

e.g. I've been wondering many times what Meru has been getting up to and how she's been passing the hours of boredom. Knowing her, I'd assume she has been getting very, very, very (extremely, hugely, massively) moody. 


Think about one of their characteristics, and play on it. If you were talking about me, you may mention lack of footwear and how this is affecting me or maybe something about my striking good looks. If you were talking about Mrs Allen, you may mention how she must be calling household items chick and duck, as she doesn't have 400 children to do this. etc.


Do your Joe Wicks PE lesson.

And listen to today's song of the day:

You will recognise this one! We often play this when doing fitness in PE. 


For your afternoon work, I'd like you to do the following activity from your topic grid. Examine and dissect a flower eg daffodil or lily. BBC Bitesize has a clip ‘How do flowering plants reproduce?’ See if you can identify the different parts of the flower.


There are lots of daffodils out at the minute. Pick one and then use this link to help you.



Speak soon.


Mr R-H