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Thursday 2nd April 2020

Hello again,

I hope you are all keeping well. It's almost the Easter holidays - just today and tomorrow to go. It seems so strange saying that when we've already been at home for almost two weeks. I'm sure that you'll all be glad of a rest before we get back to learning on Monday the 20th April. I'll be busy planning new work for the next topic. 

Talking of topic, these last two days will give you just enough time to write your Big Cat Fact File. Which cat did you choose to research?

After Easter we'll also be doing TIME in Maths. If your parent is shopping in Asda, they may be able to get you a clock for £2. If you don't put batteries in, you can move the hands yourself to set different times. It's a great way to learn to tell the time. I'll put a picture below.

Have fun with today's daily tasks and I'll speak to you again tomorrow. Don't forget that your parents can email me too to let me know how you are doing and what you are getting up to. (All good, I hope!)

Love from Mrs Stansfield

£2 at ASDA!

Work through this PowerPoint watching how the spellings change. You'll then be ready to complete the tasks.


Start as always with a page from the Flashbacks (in the Maths Folder). You should be on Week 2 Day 4. Don't forget to press the play symbol to start the PowerPoint.


Yesterday's Maths work really concentrated on 4 of the most basic 3D shapes: cube, cone, sphere and cylinder.

You also need to know the difference between a cube and a cuboid:

Cubes, cuboids and cylinders are also types of prism. There are also triangular prisms, hexagonal prisms and octagonal prisms. These ones may be trickier to find around the house (unless you have a Toblerone box!)
Prisms have exactly the same 2D shape on each end. If you were to cut through any prism anywhere along its length, these 2D shapes would always be on the ends.

Finally, you also need to know about pyramids:

Pyramids take their name from the shape at their base. The other faces are triangles which meet at an apex.

These tasks are all about making patterns with 3D shapes. You'll need to use all of your knowledge to answer them.

Let's finish with today's problems:


You’re now ready to use the chart you made yesterday to start writing your diary. Plan to write about the morning today and the afternoon tomorrow.


Here’s my WAGOLL (for the morning):


Wednesday 1st April

Dear Diary,

As I do every morning, I started off the day doing the Joe Wicks workout in my living room. It’s great fun doing it with Georgia and Lilia, but Georgia takes up too much room and keeps knocking me over! The exercise gives me energy, makes me feel ready for the day ahead and I feel healthier too.


After a quick shower, I planned the work for 2S on the school website. I miss them so much! I hope they’re all ok. Do you think they’re missing me too? It seems so strange not seeing them every day. I always start off by writing a little note and then I try to plan interesting activities to keep them busy. I know lots about building a school website now.


Lilia needed lots of help with her school work today. I checked what she had done so far and then helped her to do a diary entry linked to Dracula. Both Georgia and Lilia had Maths to do too and I marked their work for them. It’s certainly interesting finding out more about their school work, but some of it is really tricky!

RE linked with Reading


You'll need to login to Classroom Secrets again today. Your username starts with 33133.


Now do this task:



Yesterday you chose a Big Cat to research and made notes based on these questions:


  • Where do they live? What is their habitat like?
  • What do they eat? How do they hunt?
  • Are they an endangered species? Why?
  • How do they live? Alone or in packs?
  • What are the differences between males and females?

I also asked you to find out 2 or more interesting facts about your chosen BIG CAT. These can go in the Did you know...? section at the end of your fact file.


I hope that you took care when you were writing your notes and that you copied spellings carefully. Can you ask a parent or an older sibling to check your notes for you, please.


I've made a Fact File Sheet for you to write on if you have a printer. If not, just write it on paper.

The headings for each section will link to your research:

Habitat (include countries and continents as well as what their habitat is like)

Diet (what they eat and how they get their food)

Are they an endangered species?

Behaviour (including who they live with)

Males and Females

Did you know...? (using your extra facts)


Write in full sentences, remembering every capital letter and full stop.


Please do side 1 today and side 2 tomorrow.