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Thursday 2nd April 2020

Dobroye Utro 1S! That is Russian for ‘Good Morning! laugh


How are you this morning? Please keep sending me updates on what you’ve been up to- it’s making me so happy to see how well you are.


Have you all seen my video post on schools Facebook page? Check it out!  


It's almost the Easter holidays - just today and tomorrow to go. It seems so strange saying that when we've already been at home for almost two weeks. I'm sure that you'll all be glad of a rest before we get back to learning on Monday the 20th April 2020. I'll be busy planning new work for the next topic. Talking of topic, these last two days will give you just enough time to write your Big Cat Fact File. Which cat did you choose to research?


Remember that Joe Wicks is doing a live PE lesson at 9am everyday! (I really enjoy starting my day off with this!) If you miss this at 9am, it is saved on his Youtube channel so don't worry! Here is the link again:


Here are some activities to complete today:


Phase 5 Flashcards. You will need to log in to access this game.

Username: march20

Password: home

Click ‘Phase 5’.

Shout out the Phase 5 sounds!


Don't forget to practise your spellings for next week in the 'Spellings' folder.


Start each day with a page from the Flashbacks. They're saved in the ‘Maths’ Folder. Remember, this will consolidate what we have already learnt! You should be on Week 2 Day 4 today.


Warm up: Can you find some 3D shapes around your house and label them?


Access the Home Learning Lesson 4 Add Equal Groups on White Rose Maths.

1) Click on

2) Click ‘Week 2’. Click to play the video ‘Lesson 4 Add Equal Groups’.

3) Click 'Get the activity'. If you can't print this off, could you write your answers down on a piece of paper?

4) Click 'Get the answers'. Can somebody mark this for you?

Here is a problem to finish with:


Break time

Time for a break! Have a go at ‘Just for Fun: Danger Mouse Level 1’



You’re now ready to use the chart you made yesterday to start writing your diary. Use a piece of paper. We are going to write the first part of our diary about our morning in today’s lesson, and we will write the second part of our diary about the afternoon in tomorrow’s lesson. 


Here’s my WAGOLL:


Wednesday 1st April 2020


Dear Diary,


Every day at 9am I start my day by doing the Joe Wicks workout in my living room. I have lots of fun doing this with Tom, although we have had to move all our furniture to make sure we both have enough space! I love doing these 30 minute work outs, I feel so happy and healthy once I’ve completed them and I feel energised for the rest of the day! I also enjoy the 30 second rest inbetween each move! I loved this morning’s workout because Joe Wicks added some music. After drinking lots of water, I then had a quick shower and got changed into my comfy clothes.


Once I got comfy at my desk, I planned the work for 1S and updated the daily tasks on the school website. I really enjoy planning lots of different activities for my class to complete at home. I miss my wonderful class so much! I think about them everyday and I hope they’re all ok. What do you think they’ve been doing? I have been sent some videos and pictures of what some of the children have been up to; this made me smile so much. I hope they have enjoyed the activities I have been planning!


This is an example of the first part of my diary extract. Now do your first part, using the chart you created yesterday. Look at the activities you did in the morning.


I'm sure you are ready for some lunch now!


Yesterday you chose a Big Cat to research and made notes based on these questions:


Where do they live? What is their habitat like?

What do they eat? How do they hunt?

Are they an endangered species? Why?

How do they live? Alone or in packs?

What are the differences between males and females?

I also asked you to find out 2 or more interesting facts about your chosen BIG CAT. These can go in the ‘Did you know...?’ section at the end of your fact file.


I hope that you took care when you were writing your notes and that you copied spellings carefully. Can you ask a parent or an older sibling to check your notes for you, please.


I've made a Fact File Sheet for you to write on if you have a printer. If not, just write it on paper.


The headings for each section will link to your research:


Habitat (include countries and continents as well as what their habitat is like)

Diet (what they eat and how they get their food)

Are they an endangered species?

Behaviour (including who they live with)

Males and Females

Did you know...? (using your extra facts)


Write in full sentences, remembering every capital letter, finger space and full stop.


Please do SIDE 1 today and SIDE 2 tomorrow.




Using the paper pack sent home, read the fourth part of the text from the story 'The Town Mouse And The Country Mouse’. This is a new story, can you apply your skills to find the answers? Remember, the answers are in the text, you need to carefully reread the text and underline then copy the answers.


Have a brilliant day! 


Miss Sykes laugh