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Thursday 2nd April 2020

Good morning 4A,


As always, I hope you're all safe and well. Today was a bit of an odd day for me - I worked, worked, worked until about 3pm when I felt burnt out. Even my poor laptop was red hot. So I decided to do something that makes me happy - art

I sketched a canal setting and will paint it tomorrow using watercolours! If you haven't tried using watercolours, I would recommend you to have a go! In my opinion, they are easier to use than acrylic paints and blend really nicely with minimal effort.  The reason why I am telling you this is because whilst you're learning at home, if you start feeling fed up, irritable or just generally had enough of the work, take a break from it and do something you enjoy. You can always come back to the work later on. Your wellbeing is the most important thing right now. 


I also wanted to show you a few pictures that I am going to put in my time capsule. A few of you have sent me pictures of your own, which is great. Keep them coming. 

Do you remember when we wrote our sales pitches for France/Italy/Spain. Well at half term, I went to France and had brunch at Angelina's restaurant - remember, we learnt all about it and spent so much time coming up with fantastic vocabulary. That piece of writing was the best work our class had done and will always be memorable to me. So, in my capsule there will be photos of Angelina's and their famous tarte citron!



I am also going to include a picture that I took on the plane ride to France. The sun was just rising and the sky looked incredible. I was incredibly lucky to go to France as a few weeks later, lots of flights were being cancelled. 


I would love to know what you would put in your time capsule and why. In 10 years time, you can look back at those memories. 


I'll speak to you soon, 


Take care, 


Miss Anwar x

For reading, have a go at this reading assessment. I have attached the text, answer booklet and answer sheets. There are four texts. Focus on the first text today, which is "Cats". Mark your answers when you have finished all of the assessment. 


Don't forget to do an Accelerated Reader quiz please.



Lesson 4 - Step 9 - Hundredths on a place value grid


Please complete this lesson.


I would also encourage you to spend around 30 minutes on TT Rockstars. Remember, tomorrow its Teachers vs Kids. I'd love for you to get involved as we're so good with our times tables in 4A.





It is spelling test day today! Ask a grown up or a sibling to test you! 

Here are your new spellings. The test will be in a week 9th April 2020


Continue with your blog/diary entry. Today will be day 4. 


If you would like to do something different, write a letter to a friend or a family member letting them know how you are feeling and what you have been up to! You can either post it through their letterbox or leave it on their door step. 




Please complete any activity from the science grid that interests you. 


Thursdays are usually our PE day so try to get outdoors and do something active, even if its just riding a bike!


Take care and I'll speak to you tomorrow. 


Miss Anwar x