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Thursday 2nd April


Happy Thursday! 


What have we been up to? 

Miss Day: Baby Nora is still obsessed with bags, we found a small penguin one of Holly's that is small enough for her to carry and she loves it! 
We spent some of this morning filming an exciting crafting video for you... watch this space! We also bought some chalk pens online and they came today so we can draw on all of our windows! 

In the afternoon - you guessed it - we went out for another walk! Holly collected a stick that she and Mike sanded down ready for painting and we went on a number hunt! I'll show you more on Adventure Friday! 



Mrs Atkinson: Today has been a busy day of drawing and pretend tea parties. We set up a tent in our living room and hid in there most of the day. I also did a science experiment! I filmed the experiment so you can watch it below. I dipped the kitchen roll in the water a bit too deep. Maybe you could try it and see if you are more successful than me! Let me know


GROWN UPS: You are brilliant. You all seem to be helping your children do incredible amounts of learning! 


RECEPTION: Here's a joke for you... 
- Why does a penguin carry a fish in it's beak?

-... because it doesn't have any pockets!


Have a go at your daily work in the Maths and Phonics folders. 


We miss you all. Keep Learning!


Miss Day, Mrs Atkinson, Miss Newburn, Miss Smith and the EYFS Team x

Grow a rainbow!