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Thursday 2nd April

Good morning 5G


Hope you had a good day yesterday and managed to get all the work done that I had set you. Hope you liked my little April Fools trick. I went into school yesterday to look after some key worker children, it was very strange being in school with so few children, its eerily quiet and definitely made me miss you all more. Especially when I went down to our class to pick up a few things for home.


Now first lesson of the day as always is Maths, so have a look at the White Rose Maths, week 2 - lesson 3 - Understanding percentages. Watch the video, try the activity sheet and check your answers.



For English, we will start with another diary extract for Guided Reading. It is about a child who goes to the rain-forest, I know some of you are really interested in the rain-forest and protecting it. There are answers on the final pages so you can check you answers - no peeking before you are finished. Then add to your diary of the weirdest week, below I have attached a document with a plan that asks you questions you might want to think about and also an idea of how you might write a day.


After lunch on Thursday, we usually have French. I have attached the BBC Bitesize page again. This time pick one of the stories to watch in French, do you know the story? Do we have the same story in English?

Next, I would like you all to get a book and read. Don't forget to quiz! The link for Accelerated Reader if you are struggling to get on it, is in the Website Links folder and you can click straight through.


Also, Friday is the Battle of the Bands, teachers v's children - so you might want to get some practice in before tomorrow.


Your final task is something fun. Below is attached an Arts and Crafts grid. You can use this when ever you get a bit bored.


Have fun and take care.


Mrs Garside