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Thursday 2nd July

Morning all.


It's rainy and horrible, but I'm still in a good mood. I'm looking forwards to another day with the children, and I'm in class for the full day today which I'm excited about. 


Last night I watched the football (Chelsea v West Ham) and we got a take away. 


Missing you all, and hope you are staying safe and happy.


Enjoy your day. 

For maths today you are going to put all the skills you have been working on this week into practice and solve some ratio and proportion problems.

Week 10, lesson 4


Watch the video and then solve the problems!

Today's English task is a great one for understanding subtle differences in writing styles and the purpose for these.

This is all about the language styles used in advertisements. 

Persuasive Writing - we've always loved it as a class.

Watch the videos and complete the activities. 

For writing you should ensure that you are completing your story.

Many people get to the peak (the main action part of a story) but then end it far too abruptly. I want you to ensure that it's not just a 'then she died, and they were all sad. The end.'

Think about the best stories you have read; think about the best films you have watched. Be clever in the way that your characters react to what has happened. Leave the reader feeling the way you want them to!

Mrs Walker's group A


Today you are going to use number facts to ten to help you work out number facts to 100.

Mrs Walker's group B


Today you are going to count forwards and backwards with positive and negative numbers.

Mrs Walker's A and B groups


Read the information about Diwali and answer the questions.


Read the information about proof reading.  Then proof read the diary extract and correct any mistakes.

This afternoon you have an optional task.


You did a French version of this lesson before, but this is all about days, months and time in German.


Have fun: