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Thursday 30th April 2020

Good morning 2S,


I'm not liking this change in the weather - are you? I hope it won't be long until the sunshine comes back. I'll still be going to go out for my tea-time walk with my family, though, as I feel it's important to get the fresh air and we can all chat about our day and how we are feeling. It's very important that we keep talking. I think we'll play some card games after tea and then we're doing a quiz on Zoom with our family in Spain, Edinburgh and Oldham. I think we're talking to each other more since the lockdown. Is there anyone who you think might appreciate a phone call from you this week?


Today's work is below. Are you looking forward to seeing the new video with Helen Sharman? I've made some tasks for you to do linked to it.

We're also moving on to a new topic in Maths: Length.

I've had a few super Moon descriptions emailed to me but I'm still still waiting to see many more. You know how much I'll be missing marking your super work.


So here it is:

Phonics and spelling rules

Here are 5 words linked to this week's spellings that can be verbs (action words):

wash            watch              water            wander          wonder

Which verb is missing in each of these sentences:

I ________ how much longer school will be closed for.


Because I _______ my hands so regularly, they have become a bit sore.


I like to _______ cartoons on the television.


Each day, I go for a __________ along the paths through the woods.


When it has been warm, it is important to _______ the garden.


Changing all of these verbs into present tense is easy: we just have to add -ing.


It isn't always so easy to add the -ing suffix or other suffixes to the verbs, though. Here's a PowerPoint that teaches you when you have to double the final consonant before suffixes are added:

Did you like the missing word games? They're like playing hangman, aren't they?


If you were going to the Moon, what would you want to see, do and explore? Make notes for each of these questions:

Have a look around your home. Which of these do you have? They will be useful in our new Maths topic.


We're now ready to start a new topic and we're going to use the White Rose Maths Home Learning website. (We haven't used this before because they decided not to do Time until much later in the year.) You just need to open this website:

and then find the required lesson. Today you need to be in Summer week 1 and then choose Lesson 3 - Measure length (cm).

These pictures will help you find the work:

When you click on the Play arrow, you will see that the lesson starts with a Flashback, just like we've been using in all of our other lessons. You will need to use the pause button or he will give you the answers too quickly!


When you have worked through the video, you will be ready to do the activity sheets. These can be found to the right of the video (with the answers in the link below it.) These can be printed out or you can just write the answers on paper.

The sheets are here if you just want to look at them on your screen:


To finish with, here's your Problems of the Day:


Watch the first three minutes of this new Helen Sharman video and read along with the subtitles.

Watch it again so that you can be like Rex Retriever and find the answers to my questions.

Ask an astronaut with Britain's first astronaut Helen Sharman

The UK's first astronaut has offered her advice and experience to children and young people across the borough, on how to deal with isolation and being away ...

Topic (Science)

Have you seen the terrific SCIENCE SLIDESHOW in the photographs and video folder? I'm sure you'll be impressed with your friend's work!

Today we'll be looking at materials again. We'll be thinking about why some materials are better for certain objects than other materials would be. We will be thinking about their properties again. Below are the images from yesterday. Read through them again and then ask a parent to read the descriptions and see if you can remember what the property is called.

Read through these slides. There'll be lots to talk about!

I know how much you all love a quiz! Try this one:

Decide which of these statements are true and which are false:

I'd like you to use these statements or make up some of your own but I would like you to extend your writing to explain why. Please use the conjunction because (and make sure that you spell it correctly). You need to use as many of the properties of materials as you can.

Here are my examples:


I think making a teddy out of sandpaper is definitely not a good idea because it would be very rough and bumpy and it could be torn. A teddy should be soft, flexible and squashy.


I think making windows out of glass is a good idea because it is transparent, waterproof and rigid.


I'm really missing seeing your wobbly teeth and gappy mouths! Though I have seen a few photos of them which I love!


See you tomorrow

Love from 

Mrs Stansfield