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Thursday 30th April


It's Thursday!

Some times at the minute - Holly asks what day it is and we laugh and say 'blursday'. We forget what day it actually is and say 'blursday'! 


Doing all of our work and these videos is making it easier for me to remember what day it actually is! 


We've had some brilliant photos through and have updated the 'Your Photos' section on the EYFS page. Take a look :)


What did we do yesterday? 


Miss Day: We got up in the morning and Holly didn't want to do Joe Wicks so she planned a yoga session for us instead. Mike and Nora joined in too - only Nora tried to sit on us all instead of actually doing any yoga moves! Silly banana? Do you like doing yoga? If you haven't tried it before I'll pop a cosmic kids yoga at the bottom of this page. 


It made me really proud of Holly. She's so kind. Have you tried doing any acts of kindness for anyone in your family yet? 
I have started a letter writing project. I'm writing letters to people I love. Doing one letter a day. I'm going to post my first one today! I even drew flowers on the envelope! You could try writing a letter if you like?


Friday tomorrow! :)


Mrs Atkinson: What a rainy day it was! We still went for our daily walk in the morning though. It was good to get out of the house. One of my neighbours has some really big bears and has been dressing them up as different characters so we have been going to see what they have been dressed up as every day. Today they had umbrellas and were fishing! Next time I will take a picture to show you.

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