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Thursday 4th June

Morning all (I'm writing this on Wednesday afternoon),


We're past halfway in my first week back at school and I've enjoyed it so far. It's been nice to have some normality back, even though it is strange to see everybody sat so far apart etc. The year 6s have been fantastic so far, and if any of you who are coming in still read this, thanks so much for your effort in your work and also for your strong will to follow social distancing. 


Me, Lauren and Seth have decided that Wednesday night is always going to be movie night for us, so we've lined up some good ones. First up we're going to watch Moana - you are all aware how big a fan I am of this. Then when Seth has gone to bed, we're going to watch Inception - one of our favourite films of all time.


I hope you are all managing to still have some fun whilst getting on with your school work.


Miss you as always.



For maths today you are going to look at percentages of amounts. 

Watch the videos and then complete the sheets:

Mrs Walker's group A

Click on the file below.  Write two multiplication sentences for each array.  The first one has been done for you.

Mrs Walker's group B

Click here to watch a video about rounding to the nearest 10.  Then complete the worksheet below.

For reading I'd like you to focus on this non fiction - it is about Neville Chamberlain - a former prime minister of Great Britain. He was the leader when Goodnight Mr Tom and WWII were occuring. 

Mrs Walker's A and B groups 


Read the Owl and the Pussy-Cat poem and then answer the questions.  You can check your work when you have finished.

Mrs Walker's A and B groups


Use the poetry writing template below to write a poem comparing yourself to different animals.  Think about the qualities that different animals have.  For example, I am like a tiger, I am strong and graceful.

For the afternoon I'd like you to focus on this geography based lesson.

It is based on fossil fuels and renewable energy - this sort of thing is vital to educate yourselves on in order to help the environment.