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Thursday 7th January 2021

Good morning! laugh


Thank you for your hard work so far this week. I would love to see your amazing work so please email me any pictures of tasks that you have completed.


Here are your activities for today:



Please click the correct folder:

Guided Reading

We are going to continue our work on the super book 'Vlad and the Great Fire of London'. Isn't it funny that the main characters in the story are a flea and a rat!?


Start by re-reading the first section of the story with support from an adult.




What does TRUE mean?


Tell your grown up two things that are TRUE about you.


Now look in the text and find two things that are TRUE about Vlad.


What does FALSE mean?



You should have chosen the two answers on the left-hand side. These answers can be retrieved directly from the text.


You now have some rapid retrieval questions to answer.


What does ‘rapid’ mean?


How will you retrieve the answers?


'Rapid' means 'quick' so you should be able to find the answers quickly.


You retrieve the answers by going into the text and finding the answers - not making them up!

Here are your questions:


Here is today's Flashback:


Click this link to practice simple subtraction. 

Today you are going to use a part-whole model to complete subtraction sentences.


Please pause the video at the correct time and complete the questions you are directed to.  

Subtraction - Find A Part

Here is your task:



Here is your Now Try This challenge to finish with. Scroll down for the answer.












Topic (Geography)

Today we are learning about physical geography features.

Physical features are natural and would be in the world even if there were no people.


Work through this PowerPoint and make a list of the 8 physical features.



Your task is to match each physical feature label to the correct image:


Design Technology

Did you find any toys at home that have wheels?

Did you investigate their wheels and axles and find the chassis?


You should by now know these definitions:



Look at the PowerPoint below. You're going to love this! 

You are doing a fantastic job learning from home! You should feel very proud of yourself.


We'll be back with more work for you to do tomorrow.


Miss Sykes laugh