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Thursday 7th January 2021


Good morning 3N! Happy Thursday.


I thought we could start off this morning by playing a game that you know well in our classroom, 'Hit the Button'. 

Click the image below to take you to the page - then select 'Times Tables'



Guided Reading


Today we are going to be introduced to the story. Follow the video below and pause it at 2 minutes 57 seconds. This will have read Chapter 1. Whilst you are listening, think about what sort of person Edwin is. I have also attached the document of the story below, if you would rather read it yourself. 

I Was There ... 1066

Think about this question:


What sort of a person is Edwin?

Use evidence to support your answer.


From listening to/reading the first chapter, what character traits does Edwin show? Is he brave, strong, weak or kind?

Look at an example answer below. Notice the use of evidence from the text in this answer to back up your argument. 


Using the sentence frames below, answer the question about what sort of character Edwin is in your own words. 




Today we will be focusing on subtracting (take away) 3-digits from 3-digits, with no exchange. This is a skill we really focused on in school, to understand how to solve questions like this, using column subtraction. Watch the video below, before having a go at answering the worksheet linked below. 

Aut3.8.1 - Subtract a 3-digit number from a 3-digit number - no exchange.mp4

Still image for this video



Have a go at completing the activities below, which involve the prefixes re- (recycle), sub- (subheading) and inter- (international).

Task 1: Can you write a definition for each of the words below.

Task 2: Fill in the missing words with the correct word, chosen from the list below.



Just before we went into isolation before Christmas, we started to look at circuits and electricity. Let's recap what a circuit is...


Watch the video below to find out more:


Today we are going to be exploring the importance of being safe around electricity. Read the information below.


We are now going to make a poster about electrical safety.
Here are some examples, with some things you might want to include in your poster.



Have a lovely rest of your day, and I'll speak to you tomorrow.


Love from Miss North