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Thursday 7th January 2021

Good morning and welcome to Day 3 of our home learning,


I hope you are getting on well with the tasks we are setting for you.


Did you notice the new folder for photographs? There are only four pieces of work in there so far. There are two posters about the Queen, some Geography work and some Maths. Who's going to be next?


I emailed all of your parents yesterday and I will be doing so again tomorrow because I will be sending them your school report. 


Try your best with today's tasks. We'll be starting with Guided Reading based on the super book 'Vlad and the Great Fire of London'. Isn't it funny that the main characters in the story are a flea and a rat!?


Guided Reading

 Start by re-reading the first section of the story.



What does TRUE mean?


Tell your grown up three things that are TRUE about you.


Now look in the text and find three things that are TRUE about Vlad.


What does FALSE mean?

You should have chosen the two answers on the left-hand side. These answers can be retrieved directly from the text.

You now have some rapid retrieval questions to answer.


What does ‘rapid’ mean?


How will you retrieve the answers?



'Rapid' means 'quick' so you should be able to find the answers quickly.

You retrieve the answers by going into the text and finding the answers - not making them up!

There are two sets of questions. Most of you will be able to access the first set. I have also made a set of questions with an easier layout (the text is broken down into smaller chunks).


Please start with today's Flashback - you know how important these are!

Today's main focus is the 5x table.


When you open up this game, select 'Times Tables' then play both versions: Hit the Answer and Hit the Question.


If you've already got your Red Badge, you can try any of the other times tables that you are working on.


Challenge yourself to beat your scores.


Please do the questions on the worksheet below:



Here's today's Phonics learning. You're going to be experts on silent letters by the end of this!

Topic (Geography)

Today we are learning about physical geography features.

Physical features are natural and would be in the world even if there were no people.


Work through this PowerPoint and make a list of the 8 physical features.



Can you spell each one if someone reads the list to you?

Now complete the task below

Design Technology

Did you find any toys at home that have wheels? Did you investigate their wheels and axles and find the chassis?

You should by now know these definitions:

Look at the PowerPoint below. You're going to love this!

Wow! Another day of home learning done - we bet you're excited about making your own model of a London Taxi, aren't you?


Go and play and have lots of fun and we'll be back with more work for you to do tomorrow.


Love from Mrs Stansfield, Miss Bramald and Mrs Rathor