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Thursday 7th May 2020

Good morning again 2S - for the final time this week.

It feels strange having a bank holiday on a Friday but you all know why because of the special work that we've been doing all week.

I hope you enjoy the day with your family. Fingers crossed for good weather!

Here's today's tasks:



We've been learning about the prefix un- this week so far, but here's some information about two other prefixes: dis- and mis-

Work through this PowerPoint and then choose which of the activities you would like to do. You can do one, two or even all three.


Yesterday, I told you which picture was my favourite from 'Bob - the Man in the Moon' book and asked you to add a speech bubble and thought bubbles to it.

I chose this picture because I find it funny that Bob doesn't know about the aliens but that they know all about him.

Today I'd like you to use your ideas from yesterday to write that part of the story from the point of view of one of the aliens.

Here's my WAGOLL (What a Good One Looks Like):


We see Bob every day when he comes to the Moon, but he never sees us! We hear him telling the visitors that we don’t exist, but we certainly do. He’s so silly!

Yesterday we were hiding in a crater. He shone his torch and shouted, “Is there anyone there? I hope nobody has fallen in.”

We hid against the walls, trying not to giggle. Blue had to put his finger over his lips to stop him making any noise. Red had a great big grin on his face and I was thinking, “How can he be so silly? I think we should sneak onto his space rocket when he comes tomorrow to see what Earth is like.”

Remember to use your punctuation carefully (CL FS ! , ? " ") and also to check your spellings.


Here's a game to play to practise your times tables. Choose the Multiplication (X) carriage and then you can play any of the games.


Now would be a great time to practice your Olympic Bronze, Silver and Gold times tables awards. They're all saved in the Maths folder and you should be aiming to complete a strip in about  1 minute. Good luck!


Your next challenge is to do some column addition and subtraction calculations. Watch out for the signs.

1) 45 + 34 =

2) 65 - 29 =

3) 74 - 52 =

4) 58 + 45 =

5) 91 - 49 =

6) 82 - 67 =

7) 66 + 58 =

8) 73 - 17 =

Here's today's Problems of the Day to finish with:


How are you doing with your reading books? I know that some of you have read lots and have been reading books from Oxford Owl using the link in the weblinks page. Parents, if you haven't signed up yet, please do so. I've had some great reports from parents who are using it. 

Choose a character from any book that you have read and write a description of them.

You wrote great descriptions at school about the Hobgoblin and the Snow Queen so I know that you can do a great job of this.

Here's how we started the hobgoblin work, by collecting ideas around an image.





We then wrote sentences about his face, then his clothing and then his special features (his wings).

Which character will you choose? Is it human, animal or a magical creature?


If you have read any books on Oxford Owl that you would like to recommend to your friends, just let me know by email and I'll let your friends know.

Special work for V.E. Day

Each afternoon this week, I have asked you to choose an activity (or more than one if you wish) from this grid. What did you choose yesterday?  Have you tried the code activities yet?

Remember, if you click on the underlined links they will take you to recipes, code information, dance instructions and much more. What will you choose to do today? I can't wait to find out. Remember to let me know through emails, photographs or videos. Have fun!

Here's the grid of ideas again:

Will you be taking part in a 'Stay at Home Street Party' tomorrow?

My Mum has got her bunting ready! Have you?


Have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend!


See you on Monday.

Lots of love


Mrs Stansfield