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Thursday 9th July

Morning everyone!


Last night Lauren went to her friends house for dinner, which meant it was 'boy's night' in the Raven-Hill household!


Me and Seth spent our night watching Inside Out, and eating rubbish. 


Seth's communication is coming on so much at the minute. He is speaking in clear sentences now, and I also love it when he starts singing different nursery rhymes. 

His favourite is a song by Mr Tumble known as Wiggly Woo. He dances whilst he sings it! It's so cute. 


I hope you all know that we are all really missing you - and all the teachers say a big hello. 


Please make sure you are checking your emails regularly so that you get any of the transition information that has been sent through from your high schools. 



For Maths today you are going to work on mental calculations and estimation.


These are such important life skills!


Watch the video and then complete the sheets. 

For reading you should be moving onto the last couple of pages of questions based on Submerged City.


Mark your work after you complete it. 

Your 2nd English lesson once again focuses on Shakespeare.


This one is how his stories can be adapted and retold in a more modern setting. 


This is really common, and lots of the stories that you now love have been heavily influenced by Shakespeare.

Mrs Walker's group A


Today there are some multiplication and division word problems for you to solve.  Read each question carefully.

Mrs Walker's group B


Today you will use the bus stop method to divide.  You have used this method before but, if you have forgotten how to do it, watch this video.

Mrs Walker's A and B groups


Read the information about Amelia Earhart and answers the questions.


Read the information and change the words in brackets into their plural form (when there is more than one of them).

This afternoon you're going to be focusing on music.


I know that you're all enormous fans of singing - so this lesson is going to be right up your street!