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Tuesday 12th January



Here are the answer's to today's re-cap activity - how many did you get right?

Have a go at today's re-cap activity:

Today's video is based on Factor Pairs. Watch the video tutorial below. 

Have a go these White Rose maths sheets first, then mark your answers:
Here are some extra practice sheets for you to have a go at, you can mark your answers afterwards:



Read through Chapter 2 - 4 of our text, "I was there 1066".

Now you have read the text, I want you to make a list of adjectives that we can to use to show what impression we are given about Edwin. We will concentrate on Edwin today, then we will look at Osric tomorrow. 


In the template below, you need to write a role on the wall for Edwin - write down some sentences/adjectives that describe his character up to this point in the story. 




Starter activity: Look at the picture. Talk to someone in your family or write a list to describe where everything is in the bedroom.  



In today's writing work, you will looking at prepositions.


A preposition is a word that tells you where or when something is in relation to something else.

Examples of prepositions include words like after, before, on, under, inside and outside.

The house was on the hill beside a tree.

In this sentence 'on' and 'beside' are prepositions which show you exactly where the house was.


Have a look at the worksheet below. You have 4 different activities to complete. Read the instructions on each page carefully.

Learning for Life


Over the next few weeks, we will be using the internet a lot for our learning. Have a think now, what do you think the internet is used for?

Watch the video below to get some ideas on what the internet is and how it is used.



Using the template below, can you represent all the different things that the internet is used for. You can draw little symbols, pictures or labels, it is up to you.



Let's think about the different components (parts) of an electrical circuit. Watch the video to remind you.

Electrical circuits and symbols | Physics - Live Lessons

A Live Lesson clip looking at electrical circuits and symbols.



Complete the worksheet below, matching the symbol to the definition and the image.