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Tuesday 12th January 2021

Good morning Class 1-2A and your parents.


Today is our last day of home learning on this website. From tomorrow we will be using TEAMS. Please email me if you do not have your log in details:


Please see your activities below. Have a lovely day! 


Lets ge the day started with Joe Wicks. Click on the video when you are ready.

5 Minute Move Featuring Noah & Jessie | The Body Coach TV

This workout is aimed at Key Stage 1 but great for all ages.20 seconds work with 20 seconds rest | 2 rounds of each exercise before the next one.Run on the s...


Please click the correct folder:

Guided Reading:


First read part 2 of the story. I read this to you yesterday. Work hard on your fluency and expression.


Now work through the PowerPoint and then answer the questions. Remember to turn the sound up!


Now work through the PowerPoint and then answer the questions.



Here is today's Flashback:



Mental and Oral Starter Activity:

Maddy will  help you to learn to use and array to work out muliplication facts. Click on the link once you are ready. Keep practising until you feel confident to have a go at the work.



Here is today's lesson video all about arrays. Click on the link when you are ready.


Here is today's lesson PowerPoint:


Here are your maths task for today:


Task 1 is a practical activity. cut and stick the array above the correct muliplication.



Task 2: Practical task cut out the array jigsaw puzzles and match them.



Task 3: Complete the number sentences to describe the arrays.


Here is your Now Try This challenge to finish with. Scroll down for the answer.




You're going to love this our wonderful teaching student who is working in class 2S. Miss Bramald is playing the role of the interviewer and Vlad. It's absolutely brilliant!

hotseating with Vlad the Flea 1.mp4

Still image for this video

Draw your own picture of Vlad and write your information around him. Remember you can watch the interview as many times as you need to. If you want to print a picture of Vlad I have attached it as a PDF document.


Let's find out some more information about The Great Fire of London.


Watch this video:


Still image for this video

You'll love playing this game all about The Great Fire of London.


Listen to the story and follow the instructions.







Can you work out which order these pictures should be in?



If you're lucky enough to have a printer, you can print this sheet and cut and stick the pictures in the correct order.


Last week we started our first Dance session which was based upon the Great Fire of London. You had to listen to the music file and follow the instructions. This week, we would like you to use your own ideas to improve the dance. Play the music file and add your own movements:



Evaluation time:


Did you prefer making up your own movements or following the instructions?

Can you describe what changes you made to someone in your family?


Next week, we'll look at the next part of the story through dance: The fire spreads.



Lets get ready to listen to another exciting story. Make sure you are sitting nice and comfortably. Click on the video to play when you are ready.

Henry Holton Takes The Ice

Henry Holton's whole family is hockey mad. Everyone, that is, except Henry. When he holds a hockey stick, Henry becomes a menace to the game-and an embarrass...

I hope you have enjoyed your day. Remember tomorrow you need to click onto TEAMS using your username and password. Thank you for all your hardwork today.


See you tomorrow and bye for now.


Love Mrs Ahmad XXwink