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Tuesday 12th January

Good morning 2S,


This is our last day of using the website for Home Learning before we move over to Microsoft Teams. Please have a go on the Microsoft Teams activities that have been put on for practice. We know that there will be some teething problems, but it will be so good in the long run. Mr Raven-Hill has made some videos to help you to get started. 10 of you have already had a go, but only a few have turned in any work for me to mark. Who's going to impress me today?


Just a little note about technology: whatever devices you have please make sure that they have had any necessary updates. Also, if you download PowerPoint from the App Store or Google Play, you will be able to see the PowerPoint presentations properly when you download and open them. On some, you will even hear us reading to you. Please download Word, too. (PowerPoint and Word can be downloaded for free as separate apps on phones and tablets.)


Guided Reading

First read part 2 of the story. I read this to you yesterday. Work hard on your fluency and expression.


Here's your Flashbacks:

The sheets have three levels (stars). You don't need to do them all! Do try one of the reasoning challenges at the end, though.


You're going to love this: Miss Bramald is playing the role of the interviewer and Vlad. It's absolutely brilliant!

Still image for this video

Draw your own picture of Vlad and write your information around him.



First, there's a video to watch about The Great Fire of London.


Still image for this video

Can you work out which order these pictures should be in?

If you're lucky enough to have a printer, you can print this sheet and cut and stick the pictures in the correct order.


We started our indoor P.E. work for this term last week which is Dance based upon the Great Fire of London. 


Last week all you had to do was play this music file and follow the instructions. This week, we would like you to use your own ideas to improve the dance. Play the music file below:



Evaluation time:


Did you prefer making up your own movements or following the instructions?

Can you describe what changes you made to someone in your family?


Next week, we'll look at the next part of the story through dance: The fire spreads.

Well, that's the end of today's work!


If you haven't already done so, please have a go on Microsoft Teams ready for tomorrow.


Bye for now,

Mrs Stansfield, Miss Bramald and Mrs Rathor