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Tuesday 12th May

Good Morning 3/4M


How are you all today. I hope you are all well and that you all had a fantastic Monday. It was a bit quiet on my emails yesterday. I hope that more of you send me photos and emails to tell me what you are doing and show me some examples of your work. 


I had another busy day yesterday planning your activities for this week and writing more reports. (They take such a long time but it is nice to be thinking about you all as I write them, I just wish I could see you all face to face!)


I have found some lovely activities for you to do today. I hope you enjoy them.



Today I have attached a reading comprehension about elephants. I learnt some interesting things about elephants when I read this. I did not know that elephants can hear each other up to 5 miles away. Wow. 



I want us to think about the basics today. I have found a fun activity in which you get to imagine yourself as a pirate. As you work through the sheet remember that full stops are not just used at the beginning of sentences, they are also used for proper nouns.


A proper noun is the name of a specific person, or place. E.g Mrs Martin, Jacob, Huddersfield, Fixby. 


I then want you to think about the differences between the following conjunctions?


and / but / because


Choose the correct conjunctions to join the sentences on the sheet.

Capital Letters Full stops Conjunctions



Log onto White Rose to watch the videos and then complete the worksheets. 


Year 3: Multiply 2 digits by 1 digit

Year 4: Perimter of rectangles


Don't forget your 30 minutes of TT Rockstars. 

It should be lunch time by now, so have a rest and something to eat to refuel your body and mind. 


After lunch, I have another Learning for Life activity for you to work through. This lesson focuses on the important of sleep and talks about some of the things that we can do to ensure that we get a good nights sleep. 


Don't worry if you haven't completed all of yesterdays LFL work yet. You can work through these lessons over the course of this week. 

I have chosen another activity grid for you to choose from today. This time it is STEM based. (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths)


I thought it would be nice if you selected a couple of activities from here and the art grid over this week. That means you are having some control over your learning choices. I can't wait to see photos of what you have chosen. Jacob has already put some gummy bears in water to see what happens!!

Gummy Bear Experiment

STEM Worksheet

I hope you have a good day and enjoy the activities that I have posted. Take care and remember those small acts of kindness to those who you love make all the difference. 


Here are a few ideas. I am sure you will have lots more. 


Tidy your room without being asked.

Make a drink for someone.

Help make dinner.

Let your sibling go first a a game.





Be Kind

I look forward to receiving your emails.


Take care. Miss you all. 


Love Mrs Martin.