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Tuesday 12th May


Hello everyone! 


How are you all this fine Tuesday? Brrrr... wasn't it cold yesterday! Chilly, chilly. 


Let's keep our brains warm with all that amazing learning!


I have done a little video for you below with one of our favourite songs that we sing in class - Open and Shut! Can you teach it to your families? 
If you are feeling up for it can you record your favourite song and send one back? I always feel a little silly, but it's all for you guys isn't it! 


What have we been up to? 


Miss Day: We all did our Joe Wicks in the morning. Nora loves to go around and sit on everyone when they are doing push ups. Then Holly joins in and we all just end up laughing!
Back to work again yesterday - I got all of our maths ready for the week! Busy thinking about subtraction. I spent a long time on this. We had burgers for tea - I love burgers! What is your favourite tea? 

I'm going to show you a photo - yesterday Nora found a bell in one of Holly's games and refused to put it down! It was so funny! She kept sitting at the table pressing it like she was at a restaurant! Cheeky! 

Open & Shut