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Tuesday 13th October

As we are looking at diversity over the month of October, I thought it would be good to look at how families live in different countries around the world.


I have attached a short video called, If the World were a Village of 100 people. This is really interesting as it makes us think how the world is made up of different cultures. 


I have also added a powerpoint which describes how families live in different countries across the world. Remember these are only examples and in every country there will be differences and exceptions. 

Using the sheet I have attached below, your task is to choose two of the different countries and draw a picture showing me how the families live and write some sentences explaining how they are different to us in the UK. 

I have also found a lovely video which focus on drawing small items. Watch the video and then have a go. Choose some items from around your house and then take your time to look carefully at them and reproduce them. 



Times Table Songs


I have added the link to the Supermovers timestable songs so that you can keep practising. See the link below.