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Tuesday 13th October

Please see below for todays phonics spellings. 

For children doing Sheet 1 tasks there are some more jumbled sentences which need writing out so that they make sense. Please do this on a separate sheet of paper. If you don't have any paper you can orally read the sentences to your grown up and then tell them the correct order. 


There is then another sheet for you to complete the sentences. 

For the children accessing the sheet 2 work, I would like you to copy out the paragraph making sure that you add capital letters and full stops where needed. 


Don't forget capital letters for Proper Nouns (names of people and places).

Inference and Writing Challenge


Using the picture answer the questions about the boat and then tell the story of the secrets that it holds. Be as creative as you can. 


For example: Did it belong to a King who was kidnapped for all of his gold??