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Tuesday 14th July

Good Morning!



Today you are representing numbers upto 1,000,000. 

Mrs Walker's group A

Yesterday you measured mass in grams.  In today's lesson you will be measuring mass in kilograms.  There are 1000 grams in a kilogram.  There are 2 worksheets for you to complete.

Mrs Walker's group B

Today you need to decide if the correct change has been given by subtracting the price of the item from the amount you paid.


Let's read Chapter 11.

Mrs Walker's A and B groups

Read the information about the NHS and answer the questions.


This is the final lesson of your diary extract. Use your planning sheet to write the second half of your diary. 

Mrs Walker's A and B groups

Have a look at the monster and then write some sentences to describe him.  Use some of the words and phrases that have been provided.


This afternoon, I would like you to get active. You might decide to go for a walk, a run or access an online fitness lesson, such as Joe Wicks.