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Tuesday 14th July

Hi Year 3,


I hope you all had a super Monday. I had a busy day in school. I spent some time in the Green room with the key worker children. They worked hard creating some art work for our Values display in the main corridor. 


I also had lots of meetings today and so I didn't manage to do much planning. I am hoping to have a planning day tomorrow when I am going to focus on the first week back in September. We will be doing lots of fun team building activities to help us all settle back into a school routine together. 


Please keep emailing me with your news. My emails are very quiet at the moment and I

miss hearing what you have been doing. 


Speak soon. 


Love from 


Mrs Martin

Good morning Year 3! 

How are you all? It would be great to hear from you by email. I miss hearing what you’ve all been getting up to.


Yesterday I spent lots of my day in the Green Room with the Key Worker children. We had a lovely day, doing art, creating badges and having fun outside.


Today is a planning day, getting organised for September. As Mrs Martin said, we will be having a team-building week during the first week, which I am so excited for! Today, the 3/4 team will be planning the activities involved and thinking about what we can do to get us back to ‘normal’ in our classrooms. I’m so excited for us all to be back! Now that we know who is in our new classes, and you know who your new teacher is, it all seems real and exciting! 

I hope you all have a fabulous day! Keep smiling! 3 days until the Summer holidays! 

Love from, 

Miss North x



Today's lesson is all about subtracting a 1-digit number from a 3-digit number. This a skill that we worked lots on when in school, but you need to remember to check to see if an exchange needs to take place. You wouldn't be able to do 0 - 3 or 3 - 7 with the column addition method, so an exchange will need to take place. 



Today's reading activity is based on a non-fiction text about American sporting heroes. Read the text and then answer the questions on the sheet, or in your exercise books. They must be getting so full with your learning!

The answers are included on the last couple of pages.



Sometimes in our writing, we can write simple sentences, which don't give much impact to the reader. Miss North has written a few of these needs your help to uplevel them to make them amazing! Can you come up with some extraordinary sentences, based on the photo from yesterdays lesson, Under the Bed.

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Getting Ready for September


Today's activity is all about you! We want to know everything that you are good at, how you're a good a friend, how you are unique etc.

Fill in the balloons on the sheet attached, or create your own poster. 

If you email this to your class teacher, we can pass it onto your new teacher for them to learn all about you!




Learn about the basics of Aboriginal and African art and the concept of line drawing and using symbols.

This lesson includes:

  • threes video on Aboriginal and African art and line painting

  • two activities to try at home

Click the link below to enter the lesson: