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Tuesday 16th June

Good morning everyone,


Something happened in school yesterday which really made me laugh, and I'm sure you will all be delighted to hear about! 

I'm not allowed to name names, but the person who has an obsession with bird poo, came in from playing on the field, with her hand covered in bird poo! It was excellent - what a shame we didn't get to all have a laugh and a joke about that together on Monday afternoon. 


It was so nice to speak to some of you on the phone today - it made my day go so much quicker!


Enjoy your Tuesday - missing you as always.

For maths today you are going to find pairs of values.  

You need to watch the video for week 8 lesson 2 and then complete the worksheets.

There is also a powerpoint which may help you with this. 

Mrs Walker's group A

Yesterday you learnt how to tell the time on the hour.  Today you are going to learn how to tell the time when it is half past the hour.  Click here to watch a video that will help you and then answer the questions on the worksheet below.

Mrs Walker's group B

We are continuing to learn about place value.  Answer the questions on the worksheet and then check your work.

For reading today, I'd like you to answer the words in context questions and the inference questions. 

The page numbers required are on for the words in context style questions. 


Mrs Walker's A and B groups


Read Layers of the Rainforest and answer the questions.

For writing I'd like you to focus on some of the different features of poetry.

This is a chance to be really creative - poetry doesn't follow the same rules of grammar so take these whichever way you want.



Read the information about deforestation on the file below.  You are going to write a letter to the loggers to persuade them to stop destroying the rainforest .  Today you will write the introduction section of your letter.  In this section you need to explain why you are writing the letter.  There is an example to help you.


It is Father's Day this weekend so I have found a website with lots of ideas of things you could make for dads, grandads or uncles.



Finally, I have a science lesson on waste from BBC Bitesize.