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Tuesday 19th May

Good morning 5G.


Hopefully yesterday's arithmetic scores increased again, keep practicing you are aiming for an extra point each week. If you are getting full marks on the Year 5 don't forget to try the year 6 test. The White Rose revision should be really helpful with the questions. Also, I keep adding new interactive games that will help secure the knowledge of previous learning and increase your speed, so if you get any free time have a play on them.


Today's White Rose Maths revision is, Summer Term - Week 5 (w/c 18th May) - Lesson 2 - Add fractions.

I am also attaching some reasoning practice as many of you will find the fractions far too easy and zoom through them in no time, the answers are the final pages of the reasoning document.

For Guided Reading, we have an extract from Five children and It. It is the third chapter when the children first meet 'it'. I have also put the link to the audible book on there so you can listen to the story as well as read chapter three.

For our English task we are going to create a mythical creature, you can use the Guided Reading as inspiration. Or you can think about mythical creatures from other books such as Harry Potter, The Hobbit or How to Train a Dragon. I am attaching lots of word mats, to give you some ideas and vocabulary and also a checklist of all the ways you can build a good character description - these do not need printing they are just there as resources to look at. As always there is a WAGOLL of another mythical creature Lewis Carroll's Jabberwocky. Have fun and get that imagination working. Why not finish the task by drawing your creature, you could label it to show all the information you have included in your character description.

Next, I have our music link from Mrs Martin. The format is a little different but we still have a choice of songs to learn this week.  


Finally I have some RE. As Muslims are coming to the end of Ramadan we are learning about Eid, there is a task to complete and a powerpoint for information.

Have fun and stay safe. I'll speak to you tomorrow.


Mrs Garside