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Tuesday 19th May 2020

Good morning 2S,


How are you all today? Remember, it's really important to talk about your feelings. Who is your favourite person to talk to? Georgia always talks to me, but Lilia likes to talk to her Dad. 


At this time, we can't feel great all of the time, but we know that this won't last forever. Keep your spirits up. Keeping busy and exercise are both great ways to do that so start off with a Joe Wicks work out and then do today's tasks.


Click here for Joe Wicks:



Before we move on from learning about homophones, here's a cute activity from BBC Bitesize.

Search the map until you find the Homophones activity.

This week's spelling work is going to be about plurals (more than one).

Here's Plural Spelling Rule 1:

Can you think of 5 more nouns of your own that follow this simplest rule?


Here's Plural Spelling Rule 2:


You can hear when '-es' needs to be added when you say the plural.


Again, think of 5 more nouns of your own that follow this rule.


I'd like you to log onto Phonics Play.


You'll need to use the details below and it's free.

Username: march20

Password: home


This is the picture of the activity that you are looking for. It goes through the rules and ends with a game.

When you've logged in, select the Resources tab and choose Phase 5 then scroll all the way to the bottom until you find this image:

I'm sorry that there isn't an easier way to find the link.


Your spellings this week are linked to a trickier plural spelling rule that we will be learning more about this week. We have talked about it before.




How are you doing with your report? I know I'd be impressed with your writing.


Use the PowerPoint to find out about the importance of Space Suits.

I would like you to make your own notes today that you will use tomorrow to write the final section.



As usual start with your Flashbacks.




Today's video is all about arrays. I'd love you to make some arrays at home. You could use books, toys, things from the kitchen or just about anything. Work through the video and have a go. You could take photos or make a little video of you making your arrays.


Here's today's Problem of the Day


Here is the next part of the story. Remember, there is no right or wrong answer, it needs to be your own opinion.



How do you think the story is going to end? Make your predictions. Have there been any clues in the story which make you think that will happen?



We have now finished our work on materials. Test yourself and have a go at this materials quiz.


How many out of 8 did you get?


I am sure you now know lots about materials so I would like you to create an information booklet!

Here is the template:

Here are some challenge cards you could also complete. Make sure that you add clear labels to any of your designs - and remember to keep your writing horizontal. Use a ruler if straight lines are needed, too.


Story Time:

Its always nice to finish the day off with a story.

Here is today's story, I hope you enjoy it.

Make sure you are sitting nice and comfortably. When you are ready click on the video to play.


Arnie the Doughnut read by Chris O'Dowd

Arnie the Doughnut is written and illustrated by Laurie Keller and read by Chris O'Dowd. At first glance, Arnie looks like an average doughnut - round, cakey...

I hope you've had a great day!


Love from 

Mrs Stansfield xxx