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Tuesday 19th May 2020

Year 4 Maths


Maths for today will be Lesson 2 Equivalent Fractions. 



I would recommend you read a book of your choice for 30 minutes or so.





I would like you to write your setting description today about the Secret Garden. You will describe the garden as you enter it. What you can see, hear, smell, touch and how you feel. Make sure that you use your planning sheet from yesterday. 


I have attached a lined sheet with a border that you could print and write on. If you can't print this don't worry, you can write it in your exercise book or on a sheet of paper. 


I am looking forward to reading these, so please ask your grown ups to email me a copy. 

The Secret Garden lined paper




The first job I have for you this afternoon is an RE activity. As most of you will be aware, it is currently Ramadan and many Muslim families will be fasting at the moment. At the end of Ramadan Eid is celebrated. Today's lesson is about Eid. There is a slideshow to watch and then I have added two tasks. You can choose which you prefer. 

1. Write a sentence or two describing what is happening in each image and put them in order.

2. Design a leaflet explaining how people prepare for Eid prayer.