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Tuesday 19th May

Happy Tuesday 3/4M


I hope you are all well and had a super Monday. I worked hard writing your personal statements for your reports. Jacob did a great science experiment which I will share with you later this week. We enjoyed making predictions and testing them. 


My emails were quiet yesterday. Please keep sending me examples of your work and letting me know what you are doing. I really do love to receive them. 


See below for today's work:

I have decided to do something a little different today rather than give you a separate reading comprehension and grammar task.


I have created a piece of work based on an image. You need to answer the inference and prediction questions, (this will develop your reading inference skills.) I have then added some sentences for you to up level and a piece of writing at the end. 


I look forward to reading these pieces of writing. Please send them through to me. Make sure you use descriptive phrases with adjectives, powerful verbs and fronted adverbials. 

English Work - The Watchers



As usual, log into White Rose using the links below. The worksheets are attached for each year group. 


Year 3 - Lesson 2 - Making the Whole

Year 4 - Lesson 2 - Equivalent Fractions


Don't forget TT Rockstars for 30 minutes. 

Take a break for lunch and enjoy a rest.


One of my favourite chill our activities is colouring in my mindfulness colouring book. I bought a new one at the weekend when I was in Tesco. It was lovely to have some new images to choose from. 


The first job I have for you this afternoon is an RE activity. As most of you will be aware, it is currently Ramadan and many Muslim families will be fasting at the moment. At the end of Ramadan Eid is celebrated. Today's lesson is about Eid. There is a slideshow to watch and then I have added two tasks. You can choose which you prefer. 

1. Write a sentence or two describing what is happening in each image and put them in order.

2. Design a leaflet explaining how people prepare for Eid prayer. 

After completing your RE, you could choose another activity from the STEM sheet. Jacob and I had a go at a marble run last night. Look at our picture below.

I hope you enjoyed today's tasks and I look forward to receiving your emails. 


Thought of the day:



Keep Smiling.


Love from 


Mrs Martin