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Good morning 4A, 

I hope you are all safe and well. It felt so strange being in school yesterday without all of you. I can't wait to see you all after half term. Here is your school work for today:



Following on from yesterday's lesson, please click on the link below and complete Lesson 2 - Investigating multiplication patterns.


You do not need to print anything out. Pause the video and answer any questions on some paper. 




Continuing from yesterday's lesson, please complete Lesson 2, which focuses on a non-fiction called Hidden Depths.




Please click on the link and complete the lesson based on Fronted Adverbials - this is a very important grammar objective in Year 4 and we really need to focus on improving our writing.


Afternoon activities


As it was recently Mental Health Awareness week, let's start off by learning about this important topic. 

Watch the powerpoint showing the different emotions and then have a go at the activity drawing the faces and using words to describe how the people are feeling. 



This afternoon I would like you to get active as a healthy body makes a healthy mind. 


I have attached some circuit training cards below. Why not have a go at each of the activities. 


Times Table Songs


I have added the link to the Supermovers timestable songs so that you can keep practising. See the link below.