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Tuesday 21st April 2020

Good morning 2S - and your parents, of course,


Did you see the wonderful video on the school's Facebook page yesterday? all of the teachers are on there with a special message for you. The images are on the 2S homepage too next to the emoji of me waving to you.


Today we'll be starting Time in Maths, but we'll still do our Flashbacks at the start and Problem of the Day to finish with. In English, we'll be continuing with work linked to the character we met yesterday called Bob. Have you got your list of questions ready? We'll also be doing some topic work linked to 'Zoom to the Moon'.


Are you ready for your learning? I hope so.


Good luck,


Mrs Stansfield xxx

I forgot to ask: have you dressed up for Joe Wicks on Friday mornings? If so what did you wear?

Here is the link again for Joe Wicks:


There are lots of other activities to keep you active in this folder, too:

Here is the spelling challenge that I set you yesterday:

Did you work out what each missing word should be? Did you spot what they all have in common?

Here are the answers:

Yes, every spelling contains the 'ph' phoneme - that sounds like f. Here are your spelling words for this week:

Click the link below for this week's spelling and handwriting sheet:

Here's a task to do linked to this week's spellings:


Your task is to write a letter to Bob. Include your favourite questions from yesterday. Here's a plan to help you:


As always start with a page from the Flashbacks which are saved in the Maths Folder. You should be on Week 3 Day 2. Don't forget to start the PowerPoint using the PLAY button and then the answers will only appear when you are ready to check them.


Has anyone managed to get hold of a clock? It really is the best way to learn to tell the time. You can turn the hands to make any times. This one is from Asda for just £2:

Here's a PowerPoint to teach you about half past.

In the PowerPoint, you learnt that there are 60 minutes in an hour so 30 minutes in half an hour. On a digital clock if it says 3:30 then it is half past 3. If it says 7:30 it is half past 7 and so on.

5:30 is the same as ____ ____ __

11:30 is the same as ____ ____ __

Half past 2 on a digital clock would be _:__

Half past 12 on a digital clock would be __:__

Talk to a parent or an older sibling and find the matching pairs.

In your pack that you took home in March, there's a TIME booklet. Please do Page 1.

And to finish with, here are your Problems of the Day:

Guided Reading. First, here are the answers to yesterday's questions:

Today's Guided Reading work is all about vocabulary and word meanings:



Imagine you are going to the Moon, think carefully about what you would take with you.

Can you learn the different parts of the rocket? These will help you with tomorrow's task.

Can you guess what your task might be tomorrow?

It should be Singing Assembly today so I thought I'd send you a link to some of the songs that we usually sing and a few new ones. Singing always makes me feel great - well especially now that I've got my voice back!

Try out Week ONE today.

I love 'I'm ok, I was meant to be'. Which is your favourite?

There are activities linked to each song, too.

Here's the Ramadan booklet again for anyone who wants to choose another activity: